Artist designer author - Smith Dinandier - Kimberly
Everything is done by hands: mine 70 to 150 hours per work
Create your sign, your weather vane, or the arms of your family

Fulfill all your dreams...   All creations are unique
Metals are malleable by various techniques, forge either brassware.

For all your projects, feel free to contact me, giving me a maximum of information, in order to meet your expectations.

La Forge

The Forge

A homemade forge has a home used to bring the metal to a temperature at which the metal becomes malleable. At the disposal of the blacksmith tools are pliers, hammers, masses, scissors, punches, slices, brushes, claws and several other tools for metal working. It uses iron steel bronze, etc...

The Copperware

The Copperware

Dinandier is the noble, or even artistic, of the trade of Boilermaker form. It consists of formatting the metal sheet such as copper, brass, silver or Tin using various tools such as hammers. Different techniques are:
Tracing and cutting, formatting by means of rolling, bending, folding,...

Latest work

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Des Objets uniques,
Des Objets insolites,...

70 à 150 heures de travail par oeuvre

Idéal pour faire des cadeaux originaux.
Une Girouette est synonyme
de porte-bonheur des foyers
Elles sont réalisées sans moule, ni forme.
Les girouettes sont livrées avec leur pied, une boule à facettes, un épi, les points cardinaux et un support de fixation avec les vis.
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​​  Dernière Création

Ensign beekeeper Beekeeper

Signs artistic, customizable
at will

Sign in copper, brass and Zinc, assembled handmade Tin. Contact me